Heart w/ Arrow Wall Art

Ridley Stallings Art

     Ridley Stallings is a Southern-born folk artist with a talent for reclaiming structural elements from old Southern homes and transforming them into beautiful handcrafted works of art. Ridley scours her native Georgia to find original vintage flooring, molding and metal, using these beautiful abandoned materials as the base for her designs. 
     Each of her pieces has its own personality and patina…and story to tell. She finds inspiration in all aspects of life. You will find Ridley's art gracing the walls of some of Savannah's most popular restaurants and beautiful homes as her creations are becoming a Folk staple. 
     As she continues to grow, Ridley evolves with new found materials and the people she meets on her journey…beautifully translating new ideas and experiences into new designs, ranging from traditional to eclectic. Ridley's ability to conceptualize and hand craft these beautiful and sustainable pieces is truly a talent all her own.

This is a pretty big piece!

Dimensions are 3.6 feet x 2.75 feet.

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